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Chessa’s insights have helped me in my own personal growth as well as in my relationships with others. She manages to be encouraging and supportive, while still digging deep and tackling the hard stuff. She is exceptional at leading you through questions, allowing you to come to your own realizations. I recommend Chessa to anyone dealing with matters of health, personal growth, interpersonal relationships, or business endeavours.
— S.E., Washington

“I have worked with several healers, and experiencing a ThetaHealing session with Chessa has been so insightful as it is another tool to help bring harmony and balance into my life. Even when I wasn’t sure what I wanted to address in a session, Chessa’s intuitive guidance helped me find the answer and pathway to healing. I highly recommend a session with Chessa as she is a supportive, positive, intuitive spirit that will change your life.”

L.S., California