How to raise your energetic vibration!

Everything in the universe is made up of energy and matter; everything that is energy and matter has an energetic vibration. Energetic vibrations attract similar vibrations. This is explained by the Law of Attraction- like attracts like.

Raising your vibration helps you manifest on much higher levels of consciousness and power. As you raise your vibration you will align with your true self, your natural calling, and your goals and dreams. This is where you connect with peace, love, and happiness. This is where you discover your passion, purpose, and mission. This is where you manifest all the success and prosperity you could ever want.

Here are some suggestions on how to raise your vibration:

  •   Give without expectations

  •   Meditate

  •   Set positive intentions daily

  •   Eat organic food and drink clean water

  •   Connect with nature, sunshine, water, dirt, fire, plants, animals

  •   Singing (my favorite way!)

  •   Dance, play, exercise, stretch, yoga

  • Walk barefoot outdoors

  • Connect to the seventh plane

  •   Release resentments and forgive

  • Try new things; challenge yourself; step outside of your comfort zone

  • Crystals- selenite, amethyst, smoky quartz

ThetaHealing® always raises my vibration!