The Hidden Root-Dental Health & Trauma

My health journey began in 2015, when I was told I had a cracked root in my upper molar. My local conventional dentist referred me to another dentist to have it pulled, so that it wouldn’t cause further problems. I followed his advise, trusting that he knew what was best, since he did have the degree in Dentistry and all. This was my first mistake—I was a busy mom of two, an Entrepreneur, and didn’t do any prior research about having teeth pulled and what could go wrong.

I had the upper molar removed, and it seemed to heal just fine. There was one problem though….I felt this weird ENERGY in the area that the tooth was. I had never felt this sensation before, it was a strange pressure sensation, and it wouldn’t leave. I went back to my dentist and had him look. I went to an Endodontist and nothing was found. No one believed me, and it made me wonder if it was all in my head.

This wasn’t my first experience with dental trauma. Before the age of 18, I had amalgam fillings in every molar, and a couple root canals before I was 30. I don’t believe that I had cavities in every molar as a child. I do believe that it was all about money for my childhood dentist. My mouth was basically the root to most of my issues, and I had no idea! I slowly had to have my amalgams removed CONVENTIONALLY by the same dentist who told me to get my molar removed. I was exposed to mercury each and every time.

It wasn’t before I experienced ThetaHealing, that I found out that I had many lifetimes of dental trauma, and that on the historical level, a lot of my family experienced the same. I was holding trauma in my jaw and body from all of these experiences, and processing my Ancestor’s trauma, as EMPATHS do……

I had developed a NICO or Cavitation in my jaw bone where the tooth had been extracted. I also developed weird facial, neck, and shoulder pain that I had never experienced before. I was extremely tired, and I had even more symptoms that were unexplained. It was confirmed by a few Holistic Dentists with a cone beam scan. I didn’t have just one cavitation—-I had 5!! WHAT?! That’s right, this one issue turned out to be many. As a teenager I had my wisdom teeth extracted, like most do. So, what went wrong? The surgeon didn’t scrape the bone, pull all of the ligament, and left behind actual TOOTH pieces in the socket. So, those materials were rotting for like 20 years, and destroying my jaw bone.

My experiences with Holistic Dentists was extremely different than the Conventional dentist. I soon found out that all the amalgams that I removed over the years was UNSAFE, and that the body holds onto the mercury when no protection was used. I also learned the dangers of root canals and how they harbor nasty bacteria inside— and I basically had another TOXIC tooth or root canal that needed to be pulled. I ended up having all the metal removed from my mouth, a root canal pulled, an immediate zirconia implant placed, and all my metal infused crowns changed to zirconia crowns. My new bridge was removed, and replaced with another zirconia implant and 3 crowns. I had the cavitation surgery done, along with the list above in 2 days in Europe in May of 2017! I only recommend this scenario if you are in good health, and under a doctor’s care. ( I had been building up to this procedure months prior).

I could go on and on about my dental experiences. What I have learned is that I gave up my power many times, I experienced trauma, and I was holding onto those experiences in my body. I educated myself on the mouth, and what materials are the best, and how to clean up the damage that had been done.

The best thing that happened from all of this is that I WOKE UP! My intuition and psychic awareness exploded after all of my experiences. I gained so much knowledge on the mouth, natural medicine, and energetic healing during this time of healing. I found ThetaHealing, and this healing modality showed me who I really was. It uncovered my gifts, and motivated me to help others. I was so unaware of my powerful empathic qualities, and how much space I was holding for other people, and not myself.

I encourage you to know what is being put in your mouth, ask questions, and do your research. I would be happy to help you along the way!

—Chessa Winter, Intuitive Healer, ThetaHealer, Instructor