Intuitive Eating + ThetaHealing®

FOOD! Do you eat because you love to chew, because your filling a void, or for just mere comfort?? Have you heard the term, “Intuitive Eating?” Can you tell when you feel extreme fatigue after eating certain foods, or when you feel light and energetic after eating other foods? Can you tell which foods you digest easily, or when your having an inflammatory response?

Listening to your body, and watching for signs of discomfort, inflammation, or mood changes is a form of self-care. Asking your body what it wants and when it needs food is, intuitive eating. Do you eat beans and get gassy afterwards? What does this gas mean? Is that normal—or is your body telling you that you have trouble breaking down legumes? Do your joints ache after eating rice or crackers? Does your face break out when you eat greasy foods? Do you need a nap after eating a big plate of pasta? These are all SIGNS that your body is giving you. Are you listening?

Listening to your body, and letting go of “food rules” that you have been exposed to for years could be just what your body has been yearning for. It’s okay if your not ready to eat as soon as you wake up. It’s okay if your body wants it’s first meal at 2pm, instead of 8am. Eat when you are hungry, and stop when you are full.

So, what happens if you want to eat all the time?! This is when you stop and ask yourself what emotions are coming up for you…. Are you bored, lonely, feeling emotional, angry, stressed, anxious? Noticing what emotions are coming up for you and releasing that emotion and acknowledging what is happening is key.

When we strengthen our intuition with tools like ThetaHealing®, we learn to access our subconscious and can determine the source of our emotional pain and where certain thoughts are coming from. Did you lose a loved one at an early age, and you turned to food for comfort? Were you made fun of as a child and your inner child needs healing around this? Are you using food and weight as a protective measure?

With ThetaHealing®, we can release those traumas and teach your body what it feels like to be safe to release the weight, and that it okay to change, and replace negative beliefs with positive ones around food and weight.

Eating Intuitively can change the way you look at food, and give you back your power!